5 Reasons gift cards are perfect for new parents

5 Reasons gift cards are perfect for new parents

Struggling for ideas on what to give someone for their cute little new-born? Or just not sure what to give as a gift? Read our Blog find out why gift cards are the perfect idea!
1 Easy to Send! Think of all the shipping costs you save by putting a small gift card in an envelope and sending it off to friends or family! Slip it in the nearest post box and all the bother of finding a post office or arranging post is avoided!

2 Friends or family can use the gift card whenever they need something! They might be in need of anything new right now, but who knows in 3 weeks time they might be desperate for an extra blanket or a cute bonnet and then your gift card become the perfect gift!

3 We've all had that one gift that we didn't really like or want... Sending a gift card avoids the awkward exchange of politely receiving a gift you didn't want, and your friend or family member can shop for the items they love the most!

4 Flexibility! There is so much freedom for the receiver to buy whatever they like or find, taking away your anxiety of finding the perfect gift.

5 An element of thoughtfulness. Gift cards can sometimes be considered a little impersonal, but receiving a gift card to your favourite store shows that some thought has been put into it with a little touch of personalisation.
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