Danielle and Gracie

Danielle and Gracie

What is your favourite item of babywear?

In this current summer weather, I love to put Gracie in a linen romper to keep her cool, the new linen romper collection is so cute!


What Franz & Freya print stands out to you?

The Striking Safari Drama print is so stand out to me! I love the summery colours and is so different to what you usually find from other babywear brands.


Favourite Colour?

Emerald Green


Favourite item you have bought from Franz & Freya?

My favourite so far is either the leggings or the short sleeve romper in the Striking Safari Drama print. I love that they use organic materials, it just adds to the quality of their products.


Gracie models our Striking Safari Drama Short Sleeve Romper and Knot band


Next item you want to purchase from Franz & Freya?

The new muslin rompers that have been added to the outlet look ideal for summer/autumn weather so probably the pale pink one for Gracie!


Gracie’s favourite toy?

Now she’s getting bigger she loves her walker and playing with toys in that!


A dream holiday?



What does she like to read/watch?

She likes watching nursery rhymes and loves reading books about animals!


In love with this print? Click here to view the full Baby Blue Baroque Collection. 

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