Kirsty and Gianni

Kirsty and Gianni

What is your favourite item of babywear?

Babygrows for my little one, zip ones even more so!

What Franz & Freya print stands out to you?

I was in love with the Atelier Choux and Wild Leopard Hunt until these new prints came out! If you really twisted my arm and forced me to choose, I’d say the Pink Bambi paradise…along with Blue Sky Dreams, Blue Enchanted Royal Crowns!!

Gianni wearing our fleece babygro in blue sky dreams print

Gianni wears our gorgeously soft Blue Sky Dreams Fleece Babygrow

Favourite colour?

No brainer - Blue!

Favourite item you have bought from Franz & Freya?

(A blue!) Muslin Swaddle with Pom Poms – super cute, soft and perfectly suited to babys' big blue eyes!

Next item you want to purchase from Franz & Freya?

The Blue Sky Dreams Organic Cotton and Velour Blanket - Wow, so beautiful and comfy, a friend has the pink one!

Child’s favourite book/toy?

This isn't either but loves the washing machine spinning! But as for a toy, his Peek and Play Phone keeps him entertained for ages!

A dream holiday?

The Maldives

What does he like to read/watch?

Let's say he likes fishes! 'Bedtime Lullabies and Calming Undersea Animation' - A big shout out to whoever created this, definitely fixes a few upset moments


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