Tips to keep your baby's headband on

Tips to keep your baby's headband on

We all know the frustration of getting your little ones headband just right and then in two seconds it's off again!

Here are 5 simple tips to helping the headband stay on longer:

Tip 1# Place the headband directly above the ears, right before the largest portion of their head... Not too far back and not too near their eyes or it will slip off. 

Tip 2# Use Soft, Stretchy Material- Franz & Freya bands are the perfect fit for this description. This way the band won't feel too hard or uncomfortable on your little ones head. 

Tip 3# Start young- everyone knows the saying practise makes perfect! The younger your little one starts wearing bands, the more used to the idea they will be and they will be less likely to pull them off in moments of curiosity later. 

Tip 4# Mums you should wear one too! Every little girl looks up to their mum and wants to be just like them. So why not spice it up and match for the day! 

Tip 5# Let them pick! Everyone loves choosing their own outfits and accessories and that goes for your little ones too. Plus the added bonus of having fun with your little one whilst finding the right accessory!

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