Travel With Us

Travel With Us

It’s the time of year where everyone would love to be on holiday! The mix of dull rainy days and sunny bright days is enough to cause many wardrobe frustrations, and the thoughts of relaxing in the sun, in light comfy clothes is the daydream of many.

Are you looking forward to travelling with your little one but worried about what to dress them in? Flying with a baby can be a bit of a challenge; occupation, snacks, toys, naps, drinks… the list of things to remember can be pretty long, but with the right clothes you can make the journey much more comfortable for your little one.

At Franz & Freya we understand that comfort is the key when considering what to dress your little one in, which is why we offer a range of stylish and practical outfits that are perfect for any journey. Our babygrows are a great option for babies of all ages and come in a large selection of stylish prints, exuding premium quality and are sure to keep your little one comfortable for the whole journey.


baby sleeping babygrow cute


Practicality is also important, especially when your travelling. We aren’t always near a convenient place to stop or able to control the temperature of our environment which is why the Franz & Freya rompers are the perfect solution. Available in both linen and muslin and a variety of soft muted tones, this item is the go to when dressing your little one. With popper fastenings and long sleeves, this item becomes a quick solution, they’re easy to slip on and off and they're great to hit the beach running on arrival, whilst also keeping them comfortable. Pair with one of our bonnets or bands to finish off the look.


cute romper baby baroque blue


Finally, the Franz & Freya Leggings and Jumpers are a must-have. They’re perfect for layering and can be mixed and matched to create a stylish and versatile outfit for your little one. Our leggings, available in a range of colours and prints, can brighten up even the gloomiest of days, adding your own little touch of sunshine. The jumpers are a cosy comfortable option that your little one will love.


leggings jumper cute baby


So, whether you're planning a long flight or a short road trip, check out the Franz & Freya website to find the perfect outfit for your little one. With a variety of options to choose from, your sure to find something that both you and your baby will love. Happy Travels!


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